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Finance and aid

Other Fundings

Other Ways to Earn

Scholarships, bursaries, sponsored projects, and government grants are just some of the ways to earn in the School.

We also encourage you to explore further financing possibilities in your home country during the application process.

Often your home country or region has opportunities for grants and scholarships to complete an accredited collaborative program abroad.

Contacting your local education ministry or your country or region’s embassy may provide further scholarship and loan options.

Scholarships and other financial assistance

Learn about scholarships (based on academic or personal achievement), bursaries (based on financial need), and government research assistance such as NERC or UKRI. Please contact FPA or Organizational Relations for more details.

Private Scholarships

Many private scholarships for college participants are offered each year by a variety of corporate, professional, trade, government, civic, religious, social, and fraternal organizations. These scholarships can range in amount from small honorariums to thousands of dollars. To be considered, participants must meet the eligibility criteria specified by the donor and complete the donor’s scholarship application.

Other Financing Options

As a start we have gathered a non-exhaustive list of funding and financing options that our advisors and local university counsellors have suggested. We are continuously expanding the list and always welcome suggestions. Please contact us at or_relations@sesds.comfor more details.

Please check with the respective financing option directly if it applies to the program you are applying to or have already been accepted for.

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