Academic Program


Eligibility: Who You Are?

We typically recruit Graduates, Masters, PhDs and Post-Doctorate researchers, preferably with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) foundation.  

No GRE. No GMAT. No GPA. No Scores. No competitive exams.

You are either working or potential to join in one of our selected member companies.

If you are one of those individuals with lots of ideas – young, electric and energetic – to come to DESC specifically to work on 2-5 years research-academy program to build your passion; and progressively advance your digital mindset – not just about mathematical and software engineering skills, although you have to have some technical skills – but also a way of thinking – about data, devices, experiences and technologies as well as how would you operate in an organization;

Or, you intend to cross-pollinate your ideas in a wide variety of topics with internationally acclaimed industry researchers; 

Or, you have grit over grades, a passion for real-business-world experience, and a high degree of intellectual curiosity to learn physical and digital products, services or functional disciplines and understand how to integrate their future target market needs into the digital manufacturing (or development) and delivery process;

Or, you may not have done this before; you don’t have the scars to prove it, along with the understanding of how to make it work your way; and, yet you want to make a mark for yourself and have it reflected in the seamless, outstanding results stemming from organizing product development and marketing;

Or, you may not be wowed by the name recognition of certain institutions, or elite universities, or “brand-name” degrees just look good on your CV;  because you believe employers are interested in what analytical, digital and computing skills and capabilities you bring and how these skills can be used in their business;

Or, you’re already in one of the North American or Asian countries and interested join the one-of-a-kind industry-driven real-world inter-disciplinary research and academic program of digital, machine learning, and computing program for your career interest in digital industries;

Or, you have a genuine desire to get into the details, work beside the team, and make a difference. You want to make a material difference and thrive in a highly independent, entrepreneurial environment;

To succeed in this course, you should be able to answer “yes” to the following four questions:

  • Are you comfortable with computer programming?
  • Are you familiar with concepts of data structures, object-oriented and functional programming, such as inheritance and polymorphism?
  • Are you interested in concepts of algorithms, such as sorting and searching algorithms?
  • Are you confident in building software applications in either Python, Haskell, SAS, Julia, Root, C/C++, etc.?

Then, we are simply interested in your profile and essays about you and your works. Your crazy ideas or something that you designed or built in any fields of interest of the research and academy are important to us.

Intellectual Freedom

At Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences (“DESC”), you have total intellectual freedom and are protected from commercial pressures to create your own ideas, digital assets, products and services.

All we care about you to be great. And, you create something that’s great. Great for business. Great for human intellect and experience. We will help you to develop that craftsmanship – taking a good idea and turning into a great product, service or function – required to do that.

After You've Applied

Thank you for applying to the DESC. Please use our quick reference guide below to better understand the admission process once your application has been submitted.

  • Update your application, if necessary
  • Understand the admission review process
  • Wait for your admission decision
  • Review your offer letter
  • Learn more about the conditions of admission listed in your offer
  • Check out the new participant page to prepare for the start of term

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